We Are Back

Sorry we have not posted for a while.  We have not had Internet and electricity to goes on and off.  We flew to Mwanza, which is a village by beautiful Lake Victoria.  It is warm and dry here.  We were met at the airport by most honorable Wilson, who is a friend of ours.  He is the DC (like a governor in the states) of the region of Shinyangu.  We drove for 2 hours in his government issued vehicle.  We were saluted at every police stop.  That is a new concept for us in Africa.  We met with all his district officers to discuss how Hope Ministries could be of assistance.  We were saddened to hear that their main issues were malnutrition, HIV, and there is killing of the elderly and Albinos due to witchcraft beliefs.  


We met with a group of Tanzanian volunteers that provide nutrition and counseling to families affected by HIV.  They work off of donations locally.  They are touching many lives through their NGO.  Hope Ministries assisted them financially in the lease for the office to assure them that they could stay open and help these people.  This only took around $1

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