Here is a list of possible contacts while you are in Tanzania. Remember that Tanzania is 8 hours ahead of Central Standard Time. It is suggested that if your family wants to talk to you and you are not available, the person answering the phone will give them a time to call back. If the person does not answer, tell them to try to call back.

If the team member wants to purchase phone minutes, a phone will be available for calling home. It is advisable to call Gayle’s phone first, then Julius’s phone number. There will be opportunities for email as well.

Leave these phone numbers with your family, and I advise that you carry them with you during the trip.

Gayle Stroschein, MS, RN – President and Founder
TZ Phone #: 011-255-785-260-525
US Cell #: 712-204-6148
[email protected]

Julius Solomon (Assistant in Tanzania)
011-255-757-900-910 or 011-255-786-065-055

Hope Ministries
401 S. Pearl St.
Elk Point, SD 57025
[email protected]
(c) 712-204-6148

Board Members
Mary Hansen
Shannon Persaud
Gayle Stroschein
Bill Van Dyke
Evonne Blankers

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