Wednesday, January 10th

Wednesday, January 10th Yesterday I went to the orphanage at Fonelisco that Belle went to the previous day. They have around 50 children there, from ages about 5-17. The kids there are very sweet, divided into two houses of girls and boys. The administration staff work very well with the children. The children have a … Read more

Monday, January. 8th

Monday, January 8th On Sunday night the team threw a celebration party for Joseph as he completed his residency. We broke bread, had many laughs, and enjoyed a delicious cake baked from the local bakery.  We enjoyed meeting all the staff and doctors that we will be working with this week.  Praise God a great … Read more

Saturday, January 6th

Saturday, January 6th This is Mama Gayle. The team will be returning from safari tonight and I am sure they will have many exciting stories to share. Dr. Ayan Goswami will arrive tonight via Kenya airways. He is a foot/ankle specialist from Florida and will be working with the team up at Bugando. We will … Read more

Thursday, January 4

Thursday, January 4th This is Mama Gayle.  The team left this am with Julius, my assistant to go on safari.  They will be gone for 3 days.  They need to have a break before we fly to Mwanza to work for the week and need to see the  beauty of Africa.  I talked to the … Read more

Wednesday, January 3rd

Wednesday, January 3rd I was given the opportunity to experience scrubbing in and observing surgery today. I learned so much about surgery that can apply to my nursing school learning. In school I have learned a lot of things about how to care for patients and even have had some experience to observe surgeries. I … Read more

Tuesday, January 2nd

Tuesday, January 2 My day started with the hospice team. In America we would describe it as more of a palliative care team. We visited 6 different areas to see our patients. Our team was all about holistic care as they had a spiritual leader as well as the others to do the physical and … Read more


Monday, January 1st The Hope team spent the holiday working at Selian hospital. Performing a surgical pre-op clinic following our outreach clinic. We totaled 50 patients today which resulted in 30 surgeries booked whilst the rest being diagnosed and treated medically. Dr. Maya made it important to note that without the help of Hopes outreach … Read more

Saturday and Sunday

Friday: Another early morning starting off with breakfast at 7 am. Julius, Freemon, A.J, Gayle, Sierra, Heaven, and Domine all had breakfast and headed over to the same clinic area we went to yesterday. This was definitely an impoverished area and it was very difficult to see what people were dealing with. Today the team … Read more

Friday, December 29th

Friday,  December 29th Our day started this morning at around 6:30 this morning. We first drove to Dr. Maya’s brand new clinic. It was opened about 10 months ago and had very nice equipment, complete with 3 in-patient rooms, a labor and delivery area, a pharmacy, and a dentist area. We drove with Dr. Maya … Read more

Thursday, December 28th

Thursday,  December 28th Gayle, Sierra, and I arrived safely at Kilimanjaro Airport the night of the 27th around 8 pm.     We were then driven to our hotel. We are staying in a village close to the clinics we will be working in. Sierra and I stayed in the same room with Gayle in … Read more