Lost electricity so continuing on from yesterday

Sorry the lease amount was $100 For the year not $1.  We then went too the largest health centre near this village.  There a small set of buildings that were very deteriorated that held clinics in which the ceilings were coming down.  We explored what resources they had and discussed future options in which we could help serve them medically.  It sickens me to see these conditions and then to think we complain about things in our world.  They had a small CDC(HIV) clinic which was good news.  They had the testing equipment and antiviral s Meds.  The clinic was full.  There habeen progress in communicating and getting these services to these people.  

After Wilson told us they kill the elderly with the wrinkles Lee and I did everything we could do to get rid of ours.  

The next day we traveled in the political car with flags and hit a bump and came to a skidding stop because something broke in the car.  It was a major part of the suspension.  So needless to say the rest of the ride was a little rough.  There was a fundi along the side of the road that new how to remove it so God was protecting 

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