Arrived in Mwanza

We arrived in Mwanza and at our Hotel we were supposed to stay at.  Wilson looked and said Mama you can't stay here this construction is not good.  We all laughed.  Looked good to us but Wilson is so kind and caring we moved on to another place.  We had the pleasure of meeting some of Meshack's family.  

The next day we had meetings and tours of Bugando Hospital.  This is a large 1000 bed hospital.  We met De. Isidore an Orthopedic Surgeon that I know.  Lee had never been to this hospital.  We arrive at the clinic and there was 100 plus people in line waiting to see the doctor.  And we think we have long waits at the clinic.  

We then toured the wards and were overwhelmed with what we saw.  There are two patients per bed in a twin bed and they don't even know each other.  WOW!  We then had a meeting with Dr. Minji the hospital administrator and he welcomed Hope Ministries to collaborate with them on providing medical services. I am very excited to see where this might take Hope Ministries.  God continues to open doors.

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