Now in Arusha

Lee, Meshack and I went to the Mwanza airport to board the plane to head to Arusha.  As we were sitting outside of this very small airport we notice a young boy that was around 10-12 years approach us and had a paper that a doctor had given him that said he was HIV positive and had been praying that he could get funds to help pay for him to go to the doctor.  Lee gave him some money and  he graciously thanked him and then left.  Then I was looking around and saw him sitting on a cement seat and he was praying.  My heart was addened to see him.  I asked Meshack to call him over.  He looked so sick and was obvious that he was having some severe respiratory problems.   He said he had open fungal sore all around his abdomen and back.  I then gave him enou money and told him he needed to go to a clinic or hospital to get treated.  If you could have seen him…it was so sad.  He then asked if he could pray with us.  He prayed in Swahili and Mesahck interpreted fo us.  He was thanking God for sending him help so that he could live.  That is when I could not hold back the tears any more!  Please keep this beautiful little boy in your prayers!  I can't imagine if this was my son or grandson.  

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