Improve the health of individual’s that reside in underserved communities.


Enhance living conditions for orphans.


Promote faith, hope and love
Encourage people to use their unique gifts to minister to others ith Fath, Hope and Love.


Provide education that will enrich and enhance those we serve.

Hope Ministries is a nonprofit Christian family that cares for orphans, provides medical care and supplies, provides educational and spiritual support, and brings faith, hope and love to the people in Tanzania, Africa. If you have a heart for missions and helping people, Hope Ministries welcomes you to share in our mission and ministries.

This missionary trip will provide you with a life-changing, spirit-filled experience and will be led by a team leader who has been to Tanzania several times and values and loves the people of Tanzania.


GOAL: Improve the health of individuals that reside in underserved communities.

Tanzania is a country of overwhelming poverty and very limited access to health care. They do not have an adequate number of physicians and have limited resources to improve the health problems in their country. There is approximately 1 physician per 100,000 people and average life expectancy is 53 years.

Hope’s mission is to:

  • Evaluate community needs and cultural influences that most affect the health of individuals
  • Explore and become familiar with available health-related resources
  • Provide medical and nutritional education and assistance
  • Contribute needed medical supplies
  • Recruit medical personnel to assist with administering healthcare
  • Assist university students in obtaining cross-cultural healthcare experiences


GOAL: Enhance the living conditions for orphans.

With the poor living conditions, poverty and health problems, especially HIV, many children are left as orphans.

Hope’s mission is to:

  • Assist children’s homes with resources such as clothing, food, medications and medical services
  • Provide hands on services to children’s homes by helping care for children and by enhancing living conditions by team construction projects
  • Provide faith hope and love to these special children


GOAL: Encourage people to use their gifts to minister others with Faith, Hope and Love.

Hope’s mission is to:

  • Provide opportunities for service
  • Worship daily with devotional and bible studies to provide spiritual guidance for the people that go on the mission trips
  • Integrate faith, hope and love when serving others
  • Provide trip participants with opportunities to attend church services in their faith tradition


Goal: Provide education that will enrich and enhance those we serve.

Hope’s Mission is to:

  • Provide HIV education to identified risk populations
  • Assist and promote education, emphasizing opportunities for females, so all of God’s children have hope for a better future
  • Provide medical education to patients, families, nursing schools and medical facilities
  • Work with universities and college students to facilitate cross-cultural learning and college credits for participating students