Wednesday, May 13th

Wednesday, May 13th:

Today I would first like to send a special thanks to a very special person named Mike Boose, who was a key person in helping Dr. Reeder and I get the needed surgical equipment to do the much needed spinal and brain surgery at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza.  Mike you are awesome and I continue to love your kind, caring and giving heart.  We would not have gotten this equipment without your help and God bless you for that.  
My friend seems to be doing a little better today and hopefully will be able to go home tomorrow.  We will see what the doctor says tomorrow.  Please continue with prayers for him.  
Julius and I went around Arusha to exchange money and run some errands to prepare for the coming of the team.  Each day I thank and praise God for sending me Julius.  He is such a kind, caring, helpful and wonderful Christian young man.  I could not do this job without him.  
I called my African dada (sister) Nai to arrange a visit to see her.  I was sad to hear that she is suffering with a bad back.  Not good to be a nurse with a bad back.  I hope to go and visit her at home tomorrow to see how she is doing.  I will maybe have to have Ralph Reeder, the neurosurgeon take a look at her.  The amount of patients we are going to see seems to increase daily.  I am so happy for that because we want to help as many people as we can while we are here.  
I have run into a lot of friends and I again feel so welcomed and like I am at home here. This truly is my second home but the 2 worlds are so different yet so much the same.  The foundation of Christianity is so strong here and is at the core of everything that they say and do.  I feel so close to God when I am here.  
Sending alot of love, hugs and prayers.  Sending special prayers to the team as they depart on their journey to Africa tomorrow.  Can't wait to see all of you at the airport.  Karibu Tanzania.