Tuesday, May 12th

Tuesday, May 12th:

I thank you God every day for sending me to Africa.  I feel so blessed.  Tanzanians are the most loving, caring and grateful people.  They appreciate the littlest things.  
I went to the hospital to see how my dear friend was doing and found out that he had a urinary tract infection and he was started on antibiotics.  After being on medicine and oxygen he looked so much better today.  Bwana asifiwe (Praise God).  We prayed for him and God has answered our prayers.  Then his brother has chronic kidney failure and he was having abdominal pain, so I went with his sister to his house and I encouraged him to go to the hospital.  They did an abdominal sonogram and we found the problem.  I tell you it is daily that God puts things on my plate but HE is always with me.  These people kept thanking me for everything and I felt like I had not done enough.  God keeps sending signs on why he brings me to Africa.  
There is many times we don't understand the journey that we are one, but we just need to believe in God that HE knows what is best for us.  I continue to praise and thank God for sending me to Africa.  Please everyone at the beginning and end of the day Thank God for all the things that HE has blessed you with.  I see the life of these people here and they have so little but are so happy and praise God for everything that they have.   They humble me each day and make me realize how we should and can be thankful for the little things that God blesses us with.  
I am getting so excited for the team to arrive on Friday.   I know that they are busy packing and I am excited to pick them up at the airport.  I made some more phone calls today and I am so excited to see what God has planned for us.  I am blessed for the kind and caring team members that are coming with Hope Ministries to serve the people of Tanzania.  Let us all pray for their safe journey.