Monday, May 11th

Monday, May 11th:

I made many phone calls this morning lining up the schedules for the teams.  I think I am getting things in order.  Always good to come before the team so that I can get things set up so it will be organized before they come.  
A longtime friend from Arusha, TZ called me in the morning to see how I was doing and informed me that he was not feeling well because we were supposed to have a meeting today.  Then after I had a nice visit and lunch with my lovely friend Fiona, who manages Ahadi Lodge, I received a phone call from my friend who said he was feeling very ill and could I come check on him.  So I packed up my medical bag and his son came and got me and I went to his house.  This friend has a history of chronic renal problems.  He had a fever, his blood pressure was low, and his oxygen levels were down so I suggested to his family that we take him to the hospital.  I called my dear African Sister to see what doctors were on at ALMC. So we finally got my friend to car, he was so very weak and sick.  I went to a hospital that I have worked at for years and went to clinic and found a doctor who is a dear friend of mine and he called an internist to come and see my friend.  We took him into the hospital where they did a chest xray and EKG and drew many labs.  They have kept him in the hospital so they can give him oxygen and medical.  Please say some special prayers for him.  I am very pleased with how he was doing when we left.  I will be going to the hospital in the morning to see how he is doing.  God always presents challenges to me when I am here, but I thank HIM for staying beside me to keep me strong and I was so grateful to help this kind man.  
Just got home and it is starting to rain and the weather is chilly.  It sounds like their has been some cold and nasty weather at home.  I hope all of you are well.  Keep praying for me and the team who will be arriving on Friday.
Sending alot of hugs, kisses and love to my beautiful grandchildren and family.  Love you all very much.  My goal is to stay heathly so that I can bring each one of you to Africa with me.