Thursday, May 14th

Thursday, May 14th:

Thank you God for all the blessings today.  I went to see my friend at the hospital and he was doing so much better.  He was complaining about his arm hurting very badly where he had gotten an injection. I inquired with the nurse on what type of shot he had received and found out it was an anticoagulant that was ordered by the one doctor.  I asked why he was given this and I could get no answer and I could not figure it out either.  So we got the discharge orders and his medication and we got him dismissed from the hospital. Praise God!  I helped get him home and he was very happy to be there.  
While I was at his home, I went to visit his neighbor lady who I had met a couple of years ago.  She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and they did a mastectomy and she traveled to Nairobi to receive chemotherapy.  At the time I first met her she was very sick and was so nauseated with sores in her mouth and she could hardly eat.  She was very depressed and told me that she was loosing faith in her God. I then sat with her and told her that I had breast cancer and had surgery and had to have radiation treatments. I told her I was a 8 year survivor and she too would be a survivor one day but she needed to believe and pray.   I said the cancer journey is not an easy one but with the love and strength of God, she would survive.  She just needed to believe.  It was at that time I asked if we could pray with her.  My friend Lee was with me and we prayed with her.  So when I met her today she was so happy to see me.  She said after I left her last time she kept praying and I was so happy to see how great she looked.  She said that she was done with chemotherapy for one year and then went back for a checkup and she was cancer free!  Praise God!  She just kept hugging me and thanking me for my prayers and encouragement. What a lovely lady she is and I was so happy to see her looking so good and that she had regained her faith. 
Then after checking on my friend one more time, I had his son drive me back to the lodge.  We did not have any electricity so I was unable to blog so you are receiving this one late.  
I received a message from Julie that the team has departed on there first plane flight and they are all excited with big grins.  I cannot wait to meet them at the airport on Friday evening.  
I called my son Meshack who is finishing his last year of university.  It was so good to hear his voice.  I miss him so much.  I will not get to see him because he is busy with college classes in Dar but I was so happy to talk to him and hear his voice to reassure me that he is doing well.  He has worked so hard to get his college degree and I am so happy and proud of him.  
I made the last phone calls and have the arrangements made to pick up the team and then we will travel to Moshi to stay at Tudor Village. This is by Mama Lynn's children's home. I can't wait to see all those precious children. 
Please pray for the team's safe travels.