May 15th

Friday, May 15th. 

Today I woke up with alot of excitement because the team will be arriving this evening. I said special prayers for their safe journey.  I am excited to share my experiences with these wonderful people.
My day was kept busy with packing and making phone calls to set up our clinic for Saturday.  Then I went with Fiona to pick up her sweet little girls from school.  I always have so much fun with them.  They came back to lodge with me where they had a snack and a cup of tea.  They also gave me a big suitcase full of clothes that no longer fit them that I could bring to Light In Africa Children's homes for the children.  They were doing this as a community project for school.  There is going to be some very happy children when they receive these clothes.  
My driver Freeman came to pick me up and then we picked Julius up to start on our journey to the airport.  We stopped off to get a bite to eat as it would be late when we got home from the airport.  We talked about how excited we were for the team to arrive.  I had all of my custom papers with me and in order in case there was any problems at the airport.  Luckily everyone breezed right through and we were there to gree them.  They all were so excited to arrive.  It is a long airline flight to get here, but praise God they arrived safely.  There was also a couple of ladies on this flight that were from the USA that I knew and was fun to see them.  
Rumisha, an assistant to Mama Lynn was there with a taxi to help haul some of the teams bags.  Then we discovered that there was not enough room for all the bags so that we had to hire another van to haul some more of the supply bags.  After about a 45 minute drive we arrived at LIA.  I was so excited to see Pendo, who works for Mama Lynn.  The team had a cup of coffee and then we discussed the schedule and then all headed to our rooms to unpack and get some well needed rest so that we were ready to start the busy week.  
Thanks for all the prayers for the teams safe journey.  Keep us in your prayers as we go to do God's work in the Moshi area.  I pray for HIS guidance, safend strength to carry our our mission here.