Saturday, May 16 th

Saturday, May 16th:

Hello! Chad here. I stepped foot on three different continents yesterday! Beat my record by 200%. After two days of flying, the team crashed shortly after arriving in Tudor Village. Unfortunately, the roosters are broken here; they joined the symphony of animal and insect nocturnal mating calls. I am bunking with Brandon and at least one ceiling-scaling gecko. We named him Pete. After a hearty breakfast, we arrived for clinic at St. Joseph's Hospital. The Radiologist decided to get married today, so many of Dr. Philipo's patients that require imaging will have to wait until Monday to be seen. Five patient's later Dr. Philipo ran off to join the festivities and the rest of the team went into Moshi Village to exchange our US dollars (2005 Tanzanian shillings per) and for grub. We sipped on famous Tanzanian coffee for an hour while the cook ran through the village to find fresh produce to prepare our meals with. I thought it was worth the wait. Also, we walked away with a combined 5 kg of fresh coffee beans to bring back to the States. With full bellies we were ready for a nice nap back at Tudor Village. It was 7am back home in America when I fell asleep; there were no roosters crowing. In an apparent novel event for Hope Ministries, Mark challenged Brandon and me to a foot-race upon waking from that glorious slumber. After a pair of tumbles by Brandon and Mark on the rocky terrain, and two back-tracks by Mark and I, Brandon was the first to make it to the highway and back. Slow and steady, indeed, wins the race. Gayle, Julius, and Freeman completed a 6 mile power walk as well. Go them. While scrubbing off the colony of nats caught in my sweat face, I thought of some great entertainment for the night: chicken wrangling! I think I'll name my first catch "Supper".