Sunday, May 17th

Sunday, May 17th:

Today we woke up and had a great breakfast as a team. Gayle set out the game plan for the day. First, we had to practice our children's sermon that we were going to put on for the children at Tudor Village. We decided to talk about David and Goliath. Everyone was helping. Gayle was our director. Mark was Goliath and Chad played David casting "stones". Brandon and I narrated the skit. Julius was set to be the translator. Next, we practiced our song and dance that we were to perform for the kids. Julius taught us the African shuffle…sort of like line dancing. We sang "Hosanna". After all our practicing we set out to get a tour of Tudor Village. The kids were a joy from the second we stepped onto the lot. We assessed the kids with special needs first and then toured the grounds. Momma Lynn has a lavender garden set up on her land that is just amazing. We had a quick lunch after the tour and then were set to perform our sermon and song. The kids' energy is contagious and I think we did a pretty good job. The children of Tudor Village know the words to "Hosanna' better than we do. They also performed some songs and dances of their own, both in which they were better than us. Wow, can they keep a beat. We handed out some toys to the kids which they of course loved. I think when we left every one of them were grinning ear to ear. It just warms our hearts. We relaxed the rest of the day, playing cards and emailing family back home. The boys: Brandon, Chad, and Mark went for another run… How they don't get permanently lost is beyond me. These roads are tricky! Momma G and I learned a card game Julius taught us- think African crazy eights.  Supper was soon to follow. We are all lounging now resting up for our big day tomorrow at St. Joseph's. God is good. -Emily (hi mom!)