We have Internet Again

Well we finally have internet again.  Hard to believe we have already been here a week.  Wow and the journey we have been on.  We finished a week of doing medical work at St. Joseph's Hospital.  The hospital sent out a message to let patients know that if they had orthopedic problems and could not afford to see the doctor that we would be having a free clinic.  They were also assisted with transportation.  We had a fantastic team to work with at the hospital.  They were allso kinds and very interested in learning things from us.  Dr. Mark gave 2 power point presentations on DTV's and orthopedic trauma for the doctors and staff.  Hope's mission is to provide education so that we can make some long term changes.  After a week we saw about 40 patients and performed 10 surgeries and injected many joints with steroids for the discomfrot.  The cases were very complicated and we did not always have the equipment to make the corrections that were needed.  I want to thank all the people who donated for this trip.  You helped many people and we paid and provided all the services to these people.  You have made life changes in these peoples lives.

One special case is an orphan child that was brought in from the bush, who was 15 years old who had severly deformed legs.  The team out in the outreach area worked hard and got the little boy to the children's home were we examed his legs and took xrays and we decided we could do surgery on both his legs to correct them.  So we brought him with us to the hospital the next day and got him admitted.  This is  a very special child and his smiles would melt your heart.  The surgeries went well and he now has straight legs. I promised I would be there with him throughout the surgery because he looked so scared.  The good thing is that today the team from the children's home came and we loaded him in the van and they took him home and we had everything lined up to take care of him.

Well we head out on safari for 3 days to see God's beauty of Africa.  So I don't think we will have internet until Sunday evening and then we blog again.

God bless all of you and keep praying for the team,




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