Sorry about not being able to post much. Either it is internet issues or we have been so busy. We had a fabulous 3-day safari in which we got to see the beauty of Africa and got some rest and great times with all the team members together. We then arrived back in Arusha to unpack and then pack and we flew to Mwanza. Mwanza lies by Lake Victoria and it is warm and the view of the lake is breathtaking. The medical team has been working at Bugando Hospital. Mark has given a couple of power point educational sessions with the residents and doctors and they really appreciated the education. We then had them bring x-rays today and we discussed them and the treatments. A great learning day for all of us and the pre-med students are getting some good education. We then went and did patient rounds with their orthopedic physician and we consulted on the treatment and have lined up some surgical cases for tomorrow. It is absolutely amazing on how well they do with the little resources they have and they are so grateful for our assistance. The pre-med students were exposed to seeing how they apply traction with a bag of rocks and did pelvic traction with some sheets…but it works. Mark and I both complemented them on what a great job they are doing and the people here are so appreciative for the little things that we do and really appreciate it when we compliment them on a job well done.

Tomorrow we are doing some difficult cases but excited to help these patients that we saw today. I am thrilled because I was able to spend time in a special needs unit for babies, in which they have many birth defects and we talked about how to manage them. WOW we need to appreciate how well we have it in the states. Cases that we fix in the US are just sent home to die here because they do not have the resources to fix them or the specialized physicians to repair the defects. So sad! God bless these sweet little angels. Had some great discussions with the nurses and doctors on ideas on how to manage and treat the babies.

The orphanage team went to an orphanage in which they have around 60 kids ages 0-5. They brought all the baby clothes and supplies that we donated by St. Joseph's and St. Peter's church and many other donors. You have help so many sweet little children. The orphanage director was absolutely thrilled to get the many needed clothes, blankets, diapers and underwear. The little things in life that we take advantage of. The team had fun assisting them care for these small children and then help with the feeding time. They were showing the kids how to blow bubbles and had so much fun with the children. I guess it was priceless to see these young men on the team playing with these kids. They do not know how much these kids love and appreciate that individual attention that the team was able to give them.

God is good all the time..all the time God is good. Each day we are faced with new challenges but I think these students are really getting a great education on medicine in a 3rd world county.

Keep praying for us as we finish our last week here. The time is going way too fast and soon we will be packing and headed home. Love and miss you all.




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