Upcoming Trip

As some of you may know, Hope Ministries will be back at it again and assisting those in need in the heart land of Africa. A team will bravely travel many hours across seas and embark on their medical mission adventure in Tanzania, Africa. From helping orphans to aiding those who are medically in need, Hope Ministries will put all of their strength, hope and effort into effectively improving these individuals’ lives.

Our goal for each mission is to provide a life-changing and spirit-filled experience not only for the team members, but also for the many individuals we encounter in Tanzania. 

Could you pray for us? Pray for safe travels. Pray for the overall health and well-being of each and every single team member present, and for the wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ to work out His actions through us as His own personal vessels and tools. And would you pray that God would provide the right amount of financial needs for each and every team member raising support to help better the lives of those who need it most.

With Love,

Hope Ministries