Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

“He only who is reduced to nothing in himself, and relies on the mercy of God, is poor I spirit.”
– John Calivn

Remembering the Beatitudes and all the beauty that come with them this morning as I reflect on how I can humbly encounter God more intentionally.

Poor in spirit can mean fiscally, emotionally, or even simply being “powerless’ in terms of how our society sees power. Today many individuals think of power, especially financially and socially, as the best way to maintain a suitable living for oneself. However, when we take time to reflect on the goodness and all the Love that Jesus brings within this beautiful sermon and wisdom offered amidst the Beatitudes, we can really see that God doesn’t expect that from us at all. In fact, God knows that when we, His very own children, are truly poor in spirit, we rely more heavily on His Heavenly Power, and we rely not on our own falsified self power. This is the reason Jesus tells us that those who are truly poor in spirit, get the beautiful gift of inheriting the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3).

Are you struggling today financially? Are you having a hard time feeling as if society’s goals are weighing you down and that you really just feel that you equate to nothing? Lean into God’s comfort, for He sees you in this time of despair. And in fact, He cherishes these exact moments with you – when we admit to ourselves that our own power is truly powerless in sight of His beauty and strength. Maybe it’s not the finances that are weighing you down, but rather your spirits when in comparison to what this world deceivingly presents it has to offer. Oh child, don’t you worry. He’s there. He sees you in these moments, and He hears your every cry.¬†

With Hope Ministries, we recognize not only the eneromous needs that lie across the world in Tanzania, but we also recognize the need for Our Heavenly Father within our very own hearts. May you go and do the same today and spread the love of His goodness around. Whether that be intentionally seeking Him with your whole heart while admitting you, yourself, are truly pour in spirit or simply offering a helping hand to another individual in need. We all are poor in spirit, and we all can extend love where it is needed most.

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With Love,

Hope Ministries