Giving Thanks to All

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws nearer and the family and friends gather ’round, let us all give thanks for the beauty and gifts that God has given us in this very moment.¬†

May we take a moment to appreciate the warmth of our homes as loved ones come in, the extraordinary feast of food as the turkeys cook in our ovens and the pumpkin pie desserts are laid out before our very eyes. May we stop and appreciate the laughter filling the once quietness and stillness of our very own houses and the simple roofs over our heads as we rest our weary eyes again at night to gather in some rest after a very full day of friends, love, feasts and laughter.

May we give thanks and praise to the Lord our God for providing such sweet, wonderful gifts, and may we also remember those who no longer have roofs over their head or perhaps those who are walking in hunger as they search and pray for their next meal. May we be reminded that this season is a season to give. This season is a season to love, and this is season is a season to rejoice in the endless mercies of our newborn Savior Jesus Christ.

(For more information on how you could invest in the lives of both orphans and medical patients during this holiday, check out Hope Ministries Donations Page.)

With Love,

Hope Ministries