Thursday, May 18th

A Stirring within my heart! Is it God?
Since my return to the states, after spending a month here this last January, I have had a stirring within my heart. It has caused me questions, doubts and all kinds of mixed emotions. Do you often wonder when this happens to you, if it God that is doing this? I often do! Thus I prayed a lot about it and then turned it over to God and if this was something He wanted me to do, he needed to send me a message. Well it is so amazing how God orchestrates things!

I had a big meeting today, that came up unexpectantly. So when I was requested to attend, I followed this stirring that God placed in my heart. Never doubt God…..always keep your heart and mind open to HIS calling. Sorry I can’t share the details right now, because I have to take this information to my board of directors so we can make some decision. But guess what???? That stirring feeling is gone tonight.

Well the team left with Julius to go on safari today. They were all so excited and am I so happy that they get to go and see God’s beauty of AFrica. I talked to Julius earlier today and I could hear the excitement in the background. What an awesome group of young people that have worked hard and showed their love to these people here in Tanzania. I am always so blessed by God on each of my mission trips, because God sends some really great servants to do his work here in Africa.

What a great day and to top it off, my son Meshack is coming to have supper with me tonight. I am so excited.

I thank all of my family and friends for the continual prayers and for those of you who have taken the time to send me a message. It means more than you will know.
God bless,
Mama Gayle

Today we set off for our 3 day safari and we are already having a blast. Everywhere we look we can see Gods hand at work. The first park we visited was called Tarangari national park. Julius is our guide and he loves to tell us all about the different animals, he is so smart! The safari vehicle has a top that opened up and we could all stand up and see every which way. 
Right away we got to see velvet monkeys, baboons, and wart hogs. We also saw some trees called Baobab trees and they can live  almost one thousand years. They are quite the sight. About an hour into our drive in the park, we spotted some giraffes. Everyone was so excited to see them. Anther highlight was when we got to see some elephants and we actually had to stop the vehicle because a whole herd of them was crossing the path. The whole park is filled with almost 2500 elephants and we were very fortunate to see some. 
At lunch time we stopped at a beautiful picnic spot overlooking a river. When we arrived we were greeted by some visitors…monkeys… they attacked some of the team members carrying our food and were not very scared of us. The food was saved from the monkeys we all got a good laugh out of it. After lunch we saw some ostrich, deer, and more elephants! We left the park around 4 and began our trek to the lodge we would be staying in. Along the way, Julius stopped at a Masai village and we got to have a tour. They greeted us with singing and dancing and gave each one of us a shawl to wear and all the women got a necklace. After their singing and dancing we each got to go into their huts and inside they explained how they made their huts and where the family members slept. It was so exciting to learn about their culture. 
After a bit more driving, we made it to our lodge. 
I think it’s safe to say we are all in awe of Gods creation and cannot wait to experience even more of this beautiful country.