Wednesday, May 17th


hello friends
As of today, our team has been in the beautiful country of Tanzania a total of one week.
Our team split into two groups again today. Matt, Kayline, and Alyssa tagged along with the Hospice Team to go on in-home visits, while Kelsey, Jamie, Ryan, and I went to the Loama School to teach the kids about the importance of exercise and personal hygiene.
The atmosphere of the private school our team taught lessons at today, was very different from the government-run school our team visited yesterday. The second we drove through the gates of the Loama School we were greeted with warm smiles and waves. The students were all extremely respectful, and very eager to learn about exercise and hygiene.

This is Julius little boy who attends the school we went to.  Nothing but cuteness.  I got a lot of hugs and kisses so my grandma needs were being met!

IMG_0483 Click here to view a video
Alissa, Matt, and Kaylin visited four patients with the Hospice team today. They saw two severe cases of cancer, and two cases of HIV. They again brought food that consisted of beans, rice, cucumbers, oranges, and avocados to these patients and they were so grateful. The hospice team came back today and told us all about the cases and the care the patients received. They were again very impressed with the hospice care team and the care they provided to the patients. Although the hospice program is different then in the States, it was still a great experience. Seeing the types of patients they see and the living conditions they live in broke our hearts. The past three days of hospice visits have been nothing short of amazing. Although we saw some heartbreaking experiences we can have hope that God is with them. Having hope in the Lord is one of the only things these families have. They might not have all the medicine to cure their healthcare problems, they might not know when their next meal will be, but they do know the Lord is with them and that’s all they need. This experience was very inspiring to all of us to remember that we can have everything in the world, yet none of that matters unless you have hope in the Lord.