Friday, May 19th




Today we woke up to a wonderful breakfast here at our new lodge for the next 2days in terengari. We then set out to continue our adventure on our safari with our amazing safari guide and friend, Julius. We had about a 20 minute drive to our destination, ngorongoro conservation area, which is a total of 8300 km. This conservation area includes a crater, lake alkaline, and a variety of amazing animals. The crater we saw is only 3% of that total area. We saw lions, buffaloes, elephants, gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, rhinos, flamingos and more. It took us around 4 hours to drive around and inside this beautiful crater. We learned from Julius that this crater was formed from a volcano eruption. While we were inside the crater, we stopped to have lunch by a hippo pool. We saw approximately 6-8 hippos in the water! Thankfully, today we weren’t hounded by monkeys for our food, it was only the birds. While driving out of the crater we got to see some lions feeding on a buffalo. That’s the circle of life folks! After we got out of the crater we headed to the elephant caves to do some hiking! It was nice to get out and do some walking! Although us America folks weren’t quite used to the elevation during the hike, we all made it! We got to see a beautiful waterfall along with a clan of elephants including some babies. If I had to describe today in one word it would have to be majestic. The scenery was absolutely jaw dropping. Today I heard this single phrase quite a bit, Hakuna matata. I heard it plenty of times from our guide and friend Julius. He says he has been to these parks over 300 times guiding tourists in safari vehicles. That made us all feel pretty good. After hearing that phrase so many times today, it finally hit me. No worries, we need not to have any worries because Gods got us right where we are in every single moment. Today was amazing. We got to see some amazing scenery and wildlife. We are all pretty exhausted, but we are ready for a good nights rest and an early ‪morning tomorrow‬! Hunting with the bushmen ‪tomorrow‬! Stay tuned!

Hakuna Matata!
Love Alissa