Friday, May 21st

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Mike, Randy and Ralph have arrived safely.  It was great to see them at the airport.  Gayle

Today we woke up (not so bright) and early at 5:15 so we could eat breakfast and then go hunt with the bushmen. We drove for just over an hour, and we were greeted by some members of the tribe. They spoke a clicking language, which was very interesting! They taught us about how they make their arrows, and how they start fires. We learned that they live off of hunting and gathering only–they don’t grow anything, which is mind-blowing to us Americans! The men wore baboon skins on their backs. They told us that they have to kill 2 baboons before they’re allowed to have a wife.

After demonstrating how to make a fire with just a stick and a piece of wood, they took us out hunting. We walked probably 2 miles through rocks and thorny plants. One of the bushmen shot a bird and put it in his pocket. When we got back, they taught us how to shoot, and it was really fun to try! They make their bows out of animal tendon, so it is a little difficult to pull it back at first! We all learned pretty quickly though.

We thanked the bushmen and then headed to learn about the blacksmiths. They showed us their hut and how they grind up their corn. Then, they showed us how they melt down metals to make bracelets. It was fascinating to watch! They let us try on the bracelets, and they were very pretty. Then we headed back to the lodge in Ngorongoro to eat lunch and pack up our stuff. We drove back to Ahadi Lodge, and everyone was pretty worn out. We are very sad that our safari had to come to an end, but we are excited to fly to Mwanza to help in the hospitals and do our teaching projects there!

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and support!