Thursday, January 4

Thursday, January 4th

This is Mama Gayle.  The team left this am with Julius, my assistant to go on safari.  They will be gone for 3 days.  They need to have a break before we fly to Mwanza to work for the week and need to see the  beauty of Africa.  I talked to the team tonight and Julius sent pictures.  They are having so much fun, as you can see by the smiles on their faces.  Julius is the best safari guide and the team feels so comfortable with him because they have been working with him this week.

I spent the day in meetings and going around to pay for CT scans and urethrograms for the patients that I referred to different facilities.  Then did a lot of follow up on our patients and test results.  The patients we have done surgery on are all doing very well, praise God.  Answered prayers!  Hope to dismiss some of them tomorrow.  Depending on the type of surgery the patients have  on how soon they are dismissed.  We need to take into consideration the conditions they will return to and the distance from the hospital for return visits.

I spent time yesterday with the OB/GYN doctor because he had clinic and saw the patients that I sent from outreach clinic.  We reviewed their histories and discussed the test results and future plans in caring for these patients.  I referred many to an eye clinic and it was canceled so had to reschedule to next week.  Many of the patients in outreach clinic had problems with their eye sights.  They will be examined by a visiting team from KCMC.  If they need glasses they will be given to them.  Hope Ministries will pay for these.

The days have been long and exhausting, but great experiences for the team.  As I pray and reflect in the evenings, I am overwhelmed with the medical needs and how these people have had to suffer.  Some have had open wounds, tumors and conditions that cause them a great deal of pain not just for a few days but months and years.  Thus we receive a lot of late stages of diseases which make it hard for us to treat.  But for many this is a life-changing.  I looked at the doctor I worked with in outreach clinic and said what if our teams did not come to see these patients in outreach clinics and he said “they would die”!   So when people ask me why Tanzania, I see why God has sent me to here to serve his people.

God bless all my donors that support us through prayers and financial support.  I just wish you could be here to see what you are dong to change peoples lives.

God bless!