Wednesday, January 3rd

Wednesday, January 3rd

I was given the opportunity to experience scrubbing in and observing surgery today. I learned so much about surgery that can apply to my nursing school learning. In school I have learned a lot of things about how to care for patients and even have had some experience to observe surgeries. I loved being able to compare American surgeries to those in Tanzania. In both instances, the patients are very well cared for and it’s very obvious that all the care is patient centered. I was able to scrub in to a few tonsillectomies and lipoma removals. I was able to observe different sorts of wounds being drained as well as cleansed, biopsies, and even an orthopedic case straightening a fractured leg bone with plates and screws. It was an awesome experience that I am so glad to have gotten.



Belle & AJ

Today we spent time delivering meals with the hospice team. It was great experiencing the more rural areas of Arusha. We were welcomed into each families home to hand deliver food and medicine, this was a wonderful cultural experience as each family was brought to tears when food was offered. The hospice team was extra pleasant to work with and welcomed us back anytime. Please send prayers to the 12 hospice patients that were visited this week as each patient is in critical condition. God bless.

Mama Gayle.  WOW!!  We have so many sad medical conditions but I praise God that the surgeries so far have been successful.  Here is a picture that is outside the surgical rooms and when I am feeling overwhelmed this picture comforts me to remember that God is always with us on this journey.  When I am here I feel the closet to God and I always pray for his guidance and strength.  The team has seen conditions that they will never see in the states because they don’t have access to health care and/or they don’t have the money to be able to go to the doctor, so they present in very advanced or late stages.  That makes our job more difficult to treat.  Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming.  Lots more patients to see and do surgery on.

God bless!