Today, we had the pleasure of accompanying Julius to his church for Sunday mass. I have learned that the mass here is never the same and we had a pleasant suprise but I won’t lie it left me a little speechless and overwhelmed. There was a theology student that preached today and boy did he get into it! He was pacing and had lots of passion behind his words. Gayle informed us that he was talking about how good people somtimes have to face hard times but if they trust in God they will get through it. By his actions it seemed as though he did a good job in delivering the message 🙂 After mass we went to visit Julius’s Unlce’s school where we were welcomed with beatuiful songs sung by the children in seventh grade. Gayle then presented them with the school supplies provided by Hope Ministries and they were thrilled and very thankful. We got to hang out and get to know the kids for a while and they gave us a tour of their school. Next, Julius’s Uncle was very kind and invited us to his home for lunch, and it was DELICIOUS! I had two helpings 🙂 The rest of the day was spent shopping, packing, and heading to the airport to fly to Mwanza. We thank God for our save travels and no troubles with boarding while leaving Kilimanjaro Airport. We hope all is well with everyone back home and ask that you melt the snow before we get back! I look forward to what our final week here has in store for us and personally look forward to shadowing with a physical therapist!

God Bless

Alli Leinen


Please pray for us as we start on a new journey in Mwanza.  We are going to be very busy with surgeries with 3 doctors here.  

Praise God when we toured the school today, the headmaster kindly has agreed to help with the 3 children from LIA.  They can stay in the dorms at the school and they will provide them with food and can ride the bus.  I called LIA and they were thrilled.  

I had to deliver the sad news to LIA about the 4 year old with the distended abdomen.  Our medical advise was to bring the child home, because there is nothing that can be done for her.  My heart was broken and I could hear the sadness in Rumishas voice.  Please God be with this beautiful child and mother.  We said special prayers for her at church today.  Please God wrap your loving and caring arms around them.