Well I woke up around 4 am to some loud noise and sounds like the neighbors were having a good time. Of course once I woke up I could not go back to sleep, so got up and did some work. No sleep, but got caught up on work. Then went to jump in the shower and I did not have any water, so did my Tanzanian bath and headed out to breakfast. Mark said he had water and a nice warm shower. Here the water had been turned out to my room and they forgot to turn it on.

After breakfast we headed to the Arusha hospital to pick up my Africa sister Nai. She traveled with us to see the lady that I had seen before Mark came and I took him to see her. Upon examination of all her test results and physical examine, it was determined that she had arthritis in both knees and so Nai and I traveled back to my hotel to get some cortisone to give her injections in both knees. After giving them to her, she was pleased with the relief she obtained. We pray that she will continue to get some relief and I told her if she needed any more injections, we could give her some more when we return in May. She was very pleased with the results and so was her husband, who is a doctor. Praise the Lord!

Then we met a relative of the women we saw last night and reviewed her X-ray and labs. We then brought them with us to show Dr. Isidor, who would be coming to Ahadi Lodge for a meeting. Upon reviewing everything it was determined she had TB of the spine and she will be started on a treatment of 3 Meds and if all goes well she will be good in a couple of weeks. Glad to hear it was nothing worse, but this mom was very sick. I called Nai so she could inform Dr. Kibira of the findings and could start the treatment on the patient right away.

Mark and I then return to Ahadi and then we had a Hope NGO meeting, in which Wilson, Lilllian, Dr. Isidor and I had a wonderful meeting. What a wonderful group of people and we had some great discussions. We all agreed that we are so happy with what Hope Ministries has accomplished in the last year. God has blessed us beyond what I ever thought possible. Always good to hear from the Tanzanians.

Then the team arrived home from Safari and the chattering and showing of pictures and stories showed how much they enjoyed the safari. I am so happy for them and of course Julius was very pleased that they enjoyed themselves.

The good news is that Nai called her brother who runs a school to check to see if they would have some rooms that the 3 children from LIA could stay while going to a school in Arusha. He graciously said they could stay there so after church tomorrow I will head over to check things out. I was so excited that I could not wait to tell Mama Lynn. I called her and he was more than excited. These 3 children are going to be so excited. God is good and I hope this works out for them. Thank you God for answering my prayers and a special thanks to my sister Nai. She has such a loving and caring heart. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Then before supper I showed Dr. Bill and. Dr. Craig the pictures of the little 4-year old with the grossly distended abdomen. They reviewed all the X-rays, and labs and I was saddened to hear that they feel it is a very large malignant tumor and nothing can be done. My heart was saddened and I am praying to have the right words to say to Mama Lynn when I call her to give her the news. Please say some special prayers for this beautiful child. I am very sad and my heart aches for this family. Please she needs your prayers.

Thanks so much for all the prayers!