Today marked our first day in Bugando Hospital in Mwanza. Gayle, all of the doctors, and 4 students worked in the hospital all day.

I spent my morning shadowing a physical therapist with Alli. Phineas, an excellent PT and teacher, allowed us to observe him working with several of his patients. Back pain, weakness in the hand, minor stroke, and a degenerated disk were just a few of the cases we observed. Although many of the techniques in Tanzania are different from the United States, they are just as effective.

In the afternoon, Alli and I shadowed Dr. Bill doing clinic for general surgery. The cases were incredibly interesting, and I learned about several diseases that affect the abdominal region. The most common issue of the day was cancer in the liver. Dr. Bill will be very busy with surgeries the rest of the week!

Meanwhile, Taylor and Michelle were able to observe Dr. Mark, Dr. Craig, Gayle, and Nai in the operating room. The team worked very hard, completed many surgeries, and helped the lives of all their patients. Cases for the day included a nephrectomy, an infected femur, and a open-wound broken ankle.

Overall it was a great day of learning for the students and a day of successful surgeries for the doctors and nurses. We are looking forward to a full week of work at Bugando, and pray that God uses us during our final week in Tanzania.

Tarynne Kinghorn

We woke up this morning to the sound of a storm and the view of Lake Victoria. It was a very peaceful morning. Part of the team went to Fonelisco orphanage with Julius for the day. We got a short tour of the boys and girls houses. After, we played inside the school room with the kids, playing uno, memory, and soccer. We also helped the kids build a few puzzles. Once the rain cleared up, we went outside to play for awhile. We watched the boys continue their soccer and then we were accompanied to the volunteer house with the two German volunteers for lunch. After lunch, we played with the kids some more. We learned how to make little purses from leaves and I got taught a handshake to a Swahili song. We had a fun day getting to meet some new kids and play all day.

Olivia Tuel