Sunday, May. 15th.

Sunday, May 15th:

Happy Pentecost to Everyone. Wow I had the pleasure of attending church with Julius and his son. Now they know how to celebrate Pentecost. They brought to life the true meaning of Pentecost. What a beautiful festive day!

Church started at 7 am and then continued until for 2 1/2 hours. We can’ t complain about our services being too long.  I could sit and listen to them sing all day. I am just moved by the music. They had a special choir that were all dressed in red and black. The ladies wore long dresses and the men had red shirts and black pants. They looked beautiful. The processional was the choir in red coming down the aisle throwing rose petals along the path as they went to the front of the church. Their singing here is just beautiful. They sing and dance with so much love for God. The little children put their hands over their eyes and bow their heads to prayer. As I watched and participated in their Pentecostal celebration, I was filled with the love of God. Their is something about Africa, that I feel the closest to God when I am here. When I worship with them, I don’t notice the difference in the color of our skin, but see how big our God is and we are truly brother and sisters under one God. Hallelujah!

I received a phone call that we are progressing along with getting the formal paperwork for the removal of the children I have been talking about. Everyone is working very hard for the benefit of the children. Praise God! It sounds like we will have the police assist with the process of getting the kids. Please keep praying for these kids and their mom.

I walked to Julius house and got to greet his family and then his brother Michael joined us for lunch. He has such a lovely family. His mother is the sister of my dear friend Nai. They always make me feel so welcome. They treat me like family. When I was out to lunch, I got to see some other friends that I have known for a long time. So good to see them.

Phoned and set up meetings for the week. They are making new regulations regarding volunteers who come to work in this country. It could affect a lot of people from coming, which would be such a big mistake for this country. Well as you know me, I am going to meet with the necessary people in the government and the medical council to discuss the issue with a kind heart and hope they will listen to me. Please pray for me as I go down this path. It is so hard to get meetings with these people, but I will try my best.

Thanks for the prayers and sending a lot of love to you all. Some special hugs and kisses to my grandkids.  To the team who is coming next week, things are getting all set up for your arrival and it is going to be a great trip. Can’t wait to see you all.