Friday, May 13th

Sorry I have not been able to post every day, but have been so busy.  God is answering our prayers.  Nai contacted the District Commissioner, where the two children are located, that we are trying to get into a orphanage.  He has agreed to complete the necessary paper work that we can submit to the district social welfare office.  Things move much slower here, so I keep praying for patience.  Once the paper work is submitted, then the children can be brought to an orphanage.  Thank God for Mama Lynn and Light in Africa, they have agreed to take the children.  This is a chldren’s home that Hope Ministries helps and bring our teams to.  The children will get a lot of love and good care there.  I am not sure of the process it will take to get the children, but we will probably have to get the police involved.  Please pray for the mom and children.  We are hoping they are there soon and then I can sleep at night.  This case has be so upsetting and tore at my heart.

I then went to visit my friend Reggie who has been sick for a long time. He has been communicating with me in the states and thanks to Dr. Ralph Reeder, I am able to send him all the test results and he has advised me on the treatments.  Thank God for technology, that has helped so much in this country.  Reggie looked good, although he has a lot of pain in his back.  He has had IV antibiotics and then we checked his kidney function tests, which looked good.  So I sent all the lab results to Dr. Ralph Reeder, and he has sent me suggestions for the future treatment.  I am hoping that Reggie gets some relief from this situation.  We had a lovely visit after I got done examining hm.

Reggie has a beautiful young daughter, who is the sweetest young lady who cares for her dad.  When she came to get me she was coughing and not feeling well because she had a bad cold.  Thanks goodness for all the medications I bring with me, I was able to get her on some antibiotics and hopefully she is feeling well soon.  They call me the “drug lady”, because of all the good medication I bring with me that they do not have in this country.  

Well I am more than exhausted from the big day and have meetings tomorrow.  Oh and I also have homework to do on learning my Swahili. Boy I don’t know if this old lady will be able to speak Swahili fluently, but I am trying hard to be able to do that.  It is difficult learning another language and they don’t have words for everything, so it takes 6 words of Swahili, that we can say in 2 words in English.  

Love and thanks to all you for your prayers.