Monday, May 16th

Monday, May 16th:

Congrats to all the students that graduated from EPJ and the students at NWC. As I look at all the lovely photos of the graduates of Facebook, I am sad I can’t be with you to celebrate. It is such a big step in your journey of life. Also I am reminded how lucky we are in the US, that are children have the opportunity to get educated. Many kids here in Africa do not get that opportunity because they have no money to go to school and/or do not access to education because they live so far away. Some students here walk miles every day by getting up early in the morning and then walking long distances arriving late in the evening. For many girls they do not get the opportunity for an education because of lack of money and they are required to stay home and help with the chores and care of younger children. Truly education here is a way out of poverty.

After they graduate from high school, and many have received financial assistance, then they can’t afford to go to university. I am so very proud of my Tanzanian son Meshack, because he has worked so hard in school and has now graduated from university. This would not have been possible for him, had it not been for some great supporters from the US. We are all so proud of him. Now starts his battle to try to find a job. That is a challenge here, hard to find a job. It is all about who you know. Please pray for him.

I have been struggling to get people to answer the phone, so that I can ask to have a meeting with them about the rules and regulations for volunteers. I am counting on my dear friend Wilson, who is a DC and sits on my NGO board to help me. It pays to know people who work in the government.

Monday pm:

I was so excited because my son Meshack took the bus from Mwanza to Arusha, which is an all day trip to come and see me. He came to my lodge where I am staying and I was so excited to see him. What a great young man! He has the most loving and caring heart and has always been a cheerleader for me as developed and continue with Hope Ministries. He is such a smart young man and always giving me praise and gives me very good advice always.

He surprised me by bringing a girlfriend with him. She was a beautiful and charming young lady. They are such a cute couple, an I am praying for them as their relationship develops. Of course this mama had some advice for them! HA! Then he presented with more exciting news, HE GOT A JOB!!!! Praise God! So excited for him! I have been praying daily for this.

Well been a long day and I need some rest. Having been sleeping well, so hopefully this is the night. I finally got through on FaceTime with my husband, so that made me happy and got to hear all the latest news back home.

Sending a lot of thanks for the continual prayers.