Wednesday, May 18th

Wednesday, May 18th:

Well I think all the Hope Tanzanian team is ready for the US team to arrive. We are anxious to see them all and we have a great itinerary lined up. We will be helping so many people and the “tripsters” are going to have an awesome cultural and medical experience. Karibu Tanzania to all the tripsters!

Tanzanian has a new President, who I feel is doing a lot of good in this country. The last President had a lot of loose rules that were not followed, which created a lot of corruption in this country. Along with the implementation of his many rules, their are new rules that affect bringing volunteers into the country. I have talked to many people and of course I keep hearing different stories from different people. Julius, Meshack and I met with a very knowledgeable young man yesterday, who explained the rules to us and we walked away with a good understanding. I am very concerned on how the implementation of these rules will decrease the amount of volunteers coming into this country. This is going to affect their country greatly. Many orphanages will end up closing without the assistance of volunteers. The medical care is really going to suffer in the advancement in their healthcare without the medical equipment and knowledge from the visiting doctors.

After this meeting, Julius, Meshack and I discussed what should be our next step. I have contacted our Hope lawyer here in Arusha and trying to get a meeting with him in the next couple of days to discuss what would be the next appropriate action on behalf of our organization. I have been encouraged to write a letter of appeal and/or a letter to the medical ministry here to voice my concern about the new implementation of these rules. After many people hear my story, they feel it is knowledge that needs to be shared with them. Please pray for me as Julius and we as we continue on this journey.

Thanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming. We continue to hit bumps in the road as we are doing God’s work in Tanzania, but with God at our side and with the strength of all your prayers, we will be able to go forward.

Sending a lot of hugs and kisses to my grandkids and family. Miss you all so much. Hopefully I can face time you this weekend if we have electricity and then wifi.