Sunday, June 3rd

Sunday,  June 3rd

Today I say good-bye to a country I love and people that are like family to me.  As they say in Africa, “It is not good-bye, but until we meet again”.  We never know when that will be, but all believe we will be together again.

Africa is where my heart resides even when I am long gone and far away, and my thoughts and prayers are always with the lovely people of Tanzania.

I always learn so much from these people and it is a place I feel so close to God.  Through the struggles and challenges we face while we are here, I always feel God’s presence which provides me with comfort and support.

I feel blessed to have shared this journey with a great team.  I pray that God has touched their hearts in some way and that they will carry this with them the rest of their lives.  They will come home with many stories to share about their experiences here.  They have touched many people’s lives and everyone will be forever changed.  

I am humbled and strengthened by the Tanzanian’s faith amid so much poverty and challenges that these people face.  

A special thanks to my Tanzanian Assistant, Julius!  I could not do this without him.  He is like a son to me and he has a loving and caring heart to help his people.  He is always here to help me and he is awesome with the teams.  I so love him and his family.  His children call me “bibi” which means grandma.

Also a special thanks to my drivers Freeman and Faraja, who help transport my teams and are truly a part of the team.  They are always available to help me and always make sure the team is safe.  

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, words of support and for all the donors that have provided financial support to Hope Ministries.  You have touched so many people’s lives.  God bless you all!!

We are on the way to the airport and the team is excited to see their families and friends.  It has been a great trip.  A special thanks to my husband who allows his crazy wife to fly halfway across the world and be gone for a long time.  He is my rock and I appreciate his support and love.

Nakupenda sana na Mungu akubariki sana (I love you all and God bless you).  

Mama Gayle