Prayers for Home

As our Tanzania team makes their adjustments settling in back at home this past week, we continue to shower them with our prayers.

We ask God to provide clarity and discernment over their entire experience serving along side of Hope Ministries in Tanzania. 

We ask God to give them rest and rejuvenation from the long travels and hard work they endured.

We ask God to allow them to adjust well and with a full heart back into this very different culture throughout the United States.

And we ask God to continue to grow their hearts, compassion and empathy for the people of Tanzania – to move them into further action whether it be praying, serving or advocating from the heartland of the United States or across seas in the heartland of Africa. We pray that God would soften their hearts and mold it to look exactly how His does on the inside and out.

We are so incredibly grateful for all of your support, prayers and encouragement while our team was in Tanzania serving. We cannot wait to place our feet back on Tanzanian soil this upcoming winter.

With Love,

Hope Ministries