Friday, June 1st

Friday, June 1st

Hi is is Gayle again.  Well as I awoke early to get all the bags packed, I was saddened to think that we would have to say our goodbyes today and would be departing to go back to Arusha.  Mark and I headed to the hospital and started our day listening to AM report.  We then held an evaluation meeting to review and hear how our visit went this past week and what we can do different next time to improve.  I was touched by the gratefulness expressed by the surgeons and residents.  As Mark and I told them we learn more from them and have enjoyed how warm and welcoming they have made the team members feel while we were there.  I always enjoy my time at Bugando Hospital and have made so many special friends there.  We then said out good-byes and headed to the airport to fly back to Kili airport.  We are sad because Mark will be leaving us this evening and heading home.  I can’t say enough about what an awesome teacher and surgeon he is.  I really enjoy working with him and he has really impacted the health care in the many visits that he has made to Tanzania.

(Here is the Hope Ministries team as they arrived at the airport from Mwanza and had to say good-bye to Mark.  Wishing him a safe journey and grateful for all he did to help these people here.  He touched many lives).

The rest of the team was allowed to sleep in and we met them at the airport.  All the team was anxious and happy to see Freeman and Faraja at the airport, which are Hope Ministries drivers.  A few challenges as our plane was delayed by one hour and then when we arrived at Kili airport three of the people’s luggage did not show up.  Poor Mark Wheeler is heading home to the states this evening and he did not receive his bag, so it is being shipped to the US.   Let’s pray it gets there.  

The team was anxious to return home to Ahadi Lodge and get a warm shower.  Now we prepare for our last couple of days in Tanzania.  

Carol’s devotion this evening was about being grateful and providing thanks to God amid the many challenges we were faced with today.  That we all need to focus and be thankful for the many blessings that we have all received on this trip.