NWC team has Arrived Safely

The NWC team has arrived safely.  It was so fun to see the smiling faces and the excitement they had about being in Tanzania.  We prayed that they would get through customs without and problems and God answered our prayers.  The team was introducted to Julius, my assistant and the drivers.  Then began our one hour drive to Arusha.  The team was so excited to the country but it is dark when they arrive so don't get to see much.  The first got excited because we were driving on the wrong side of the road.

We had breakfast at Ahadi and then enjoyed the day of learning abou the culture of TZ .  First a young man came and gave them swahili lessons for 2 hours and then we had a panel of people that talked about the political, educational, medical systems and social work in TZ.  The students really enjoyed hearing about this and making comparison to US.  

We then went out so they could experience being around Arusha.  We first went to exchange money, while the rest of the group did some window shopping.  Then I took them to an outside Tanzania barbacue in which you receive chicken or fish and chips or roated bananas.  The fish was talipia and serves whole, which surprised some of he group.

We are excited for tomorrow because we will be doing Hospice Home Visits.  We went and bought food and made up gift boxes of food to bring these poor families.  They will be getting rice, beans, cooking oil, avacados, bananas, and oranges.  We will give a big bag of food to each family that we visit tomorrow.  Thanks to all of you who financially support Hope Ministries because you will be feeding a lot of very poor people who are very sick and some are dieing and can't work to feed their families.  

Thanks everyone for your continual prayers.  God bless all of you.

Sending a lot of love and hugs to all my friends and familiy.  Miss you!


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