May 21, 2016



May 21, 2016

Today we started out later in the morning after arriving at Light in Africa late last night. After a delicious breakfast we talked with Mama Lynn. She discussed all the many things that we can do here and what projects everyone here is working on.

After that we went to the butterfly garden and Lavender farm. The garden was full of fruits and colorful flowers. It was a beautiful swirl of colors that brings happiness to people.

We also got to visit all the houses in Light in Africa. The Happy House was full of younger children. We spent a lot of time in this house. One little girl who has several deformities and was told that she would never walk was able to walk with a chair! That was a wonderful reminder to how God works! The other children loved being played with, hugged, smiled at, or sat with. It was amazing how easy it is to bring a smile to the children’s faces. Next we visited the disabled house. Going in was a little daunting because none of us knew what to expect. Although their were many different levels of disabilities it was easy to see the children instead of their disability. The Mama’s of the house were so sweet and compassionate towards the children.

As our day came to a close we started preparing our song and dance and bible skit for church in the morning.

God is good all the time, God is good!  My heart is full of excitement because I was able to see a girl with very bad deformities walk by pushing a chair today.  I have had doctors examine her and they thought she would never walk.  But she did today!  I was overcome with joy.  These mamas at LIA show these kids so much love and it is through their love that these kids break all barriers of what they are capable of doing.  Please pray for these kids.