Friday, May 20th:

I am so excited for the team to come this evening. Julius, I and my drivers will head to the Kili airport to pick the team up and then will be headed to LIA orphanage. That is around a 45 minute drive and will arrive late, so hope to get the team settled in their rooms for a good nights rest.

Well I met with the lawyer from the Labor Department and received some good news. He examined all the paper work that I complete and the process that I go through and he said we are more than compliant with the rules of the country. He said we are not staying for a long period of time and are not earning money. He then called a man that is located at the Head Immigration Office in Dar. He also agreed with what we are full compliant of the rules. Again these new rules only apply to people who are coming into this country for 3 months or more and are earning an income.

Today Julius and went to the local immigration office here in Arusha and I brought all the formal paper work that I usually submit for the teams to come and the letters of invitations I receive from the hospitals. I found out from them that we are doing all the right things, and all we have to do is get one more paper stamped by immigration and we should be alright. So I am very relieved and Julius and I are very happy as you can see by the photo!

God bless you all!