May 11th


Well after a very long plane ride, I have arrived safely.  As I stepped off the plane, my heart was warmed with the familiar sites and smells of a beautiful country that is my second home.  Praise God I made it though security at the airport without any problems.  Praise God.

When I left the airport I did not see the smiling faces of Freeman and Julius to greet me.  I waited for about 45 minutes and then I started to get worried that they were in an accident.  They are like sons to me.  A  nice young man called Julius and they informed me that they had a blow-out with the tire and were on their way.  I was so happy to see those smiling faces and receive those warm hugs.  Always a great trip to Arusha as we chatter away to hear about each other’s lives.  

We arrived at Ahadi, my home away from home and was greeted  again with warms hugs.  These guys are like my family and they spoil me here.  Well off for a busy day.  Thanks everyone for the prayers, keep them coming.  Hugs and kisses to all my family.

Mama gayle