Happy House is Done!

Jambo(hello)! One of the few Kiswahili words i can remember 😉 

We started today like everyday… with breakfast. Today we had fruit cocktail.  Right away after breakfast we gathered paint and painting supplies to paint trim in the Happy House.  Opening a can of paint was quite a surprise for us! Thankfully we soon got over the fumes and got to work.  While we painted we were entertained with Gayle's wide variety of music. A girl walked by and was dancing outside the window, and boy did she have some moves!  A little while later Gayle spotted something pretty cool. The young girl that Jaclyn brought a walker for was walking using it! it was cool to see her so happy sitting on it the previous days and even better to see her walking. 🙂 After lunch Amanda went to the room and came out laughing. She found a slug on the wall in our room! Brave Jaclyn pulled it off the wall and as she would say, she "chucked' it out the window. It was hilarious for all of us. We then went back to finish painting the trim.  After finishing we saw another of Julius's many talents, getting paint out of the brushes and paint trays! We were very thankful since the paint remover had terribly strong smell! We finished our time at the Happy House with a group picture.  When we got back to the community room Gayle read a devotional and we had good conversation about it.  All in all we had another wonderful day. 

Thank you for all of your support and prayers before this mission and while we are here 🙂 God bless!

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