Friday, 5/18

Friday, May 18th

Outreach clinic 

Today, we started our morning at an Outreach clinic, which occurred under a tree. This was such an eye opening experience. Fortunately, some of us have experience that really helped with the fast pace that occurred today, which we are grateful for. Looking at the lack of knowledge on medical conditions and how to avoid conditions later in life was surprising. Many of the people we treated today were suffering from allergies and the people were unaware of what this was.  This was shocking to us because this is such a common thing in the states. However, we needed to take a step back and understand that some of these people have never seen a doctor or been to a health clinic. We also discussed the need to set up educational meeting to teach the people how to proper lift objects to avoid back and joint pain later on in life. 

It was interesting watching two completely different cultures coming together. Although, there was a language barrier, we were still able to communicate via hand cues. It’s crazy to think that a smile or a wave is an universal symbol of peace and with this we were able to accomplish more than we ever imagined. 

During this clinic, we were able to observe their culture and see how dedicated they are. These people waited patiently for hours and some of these people carried their children on their back to get to this clinic- which we are unsure how far they really traveled.  We were in awe on how kind they were and how they cared for others. 

Nonetheless, we were overwhelmed with the different types of cases we saw and how taken back the people were with our tools. The people were very hesitant yet trusted us to care for them. Through this experience, we were able to learn from them and grow. 

Even though, we could not provide them with the full care they needed with our limited tools and the lack of access they have to health care, we still felt like we made a difference. We reflect on this day and thank God how blessed we are.

Shawna Koch

What an awesome day it was.  We saw about 175 patients today and the team did awesome.  We had a lot of challenges and we referred some to the hospital and many are coming to see Dr. Mark Wheeler on Monday.  These are the poorest of poor people and many have never been seen by a medical person because they have no money and no access to health care.  It is so sad and many present with ailments and injuries that they have had to live with for years.  Thanks to all who donate to Hope Ministries because you are helping these poor people get help.  We saw high blood pressures that they should have had a stroke.  Unbelievable.  Everyone need to praise and thank God for what He has provided for you.  These people humble me when they are so happy and gracious and have so little.  Thank you God for humbling me and making me focus on the little things.

Here is the team busy at work.