Thursday, 5/17

 Thursday, May 17th

Welcome to Africa! No water, no internet, and a lot of bugs! However, nothing that we can’t overcome.  We started our morning visiting with Mama Lynn telling us about a Light in Africa.  What a wonderful woman she is, and what great things she does for this country. We then went over to the special needs children’s home. 

There were more special needs children than we could have ever imagined.  There were severe neurological deficits amongst many of them.  The most impressive part was the amazing care that was provided by the caregivers.  There was an amazing genuine love they had for the children. 

We also got to watch and appreciate Gayle assessing patients.  There was a lot of new terminology that we got to learn and many things we don’t  often get to see in the states.  It was also evident to see how long they go without medical assistance and how poor the medical assistance is they receive when they do.  

We also got to see 2 Orthopedic patients that were waiting for us all morning.  These patients were so thankful to have medical assistance and patient. Their pain tolerances amazed us.  

We ended our day listening to the children sing and praise God.  You were able to FEEL God’s presence through the songs they sing and love they have for our Lord.  We were very impressed with how the older girls (about 10-13 years of age) are ensuring the younger girls are taken care of.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our first day in Tanzania and are looking forward to the rest of our trip! 


HI everyone this is Gayle.  We are in Arusha and now have access to Internet.  We have been blogging daily but unable to post so you will receive a lot to catch up.  What an awesome team I have.  Our first day at Light in Africa we prepared for the outreach clinics that we will be doing the next two days.  We had a session where the team practiced their assessments and my Tanzanian Assistant Julius was gracious to be a patient for us.  Please continue to pray for the team.