Saturday, 5/19 & Sunday 5/20

Saturday May 19 & Sunday, May 20th

Saturday: The second clinic day went a lot smoother. We had begun to set up a number system in which the patients would be called instead of the patients crowding around us under a tree, we had a small room that allowed us minimal privacy with our patients. Instead of having over a hundred we had around seventy patients this time, which was much more manageable. 

We had many unexpected turns in our trip also.   When leaving the clinic one of our cars died and needed to be jumped.  Following saying goodbye to all the wonderful people at Light in Africa and heading to Arusha the other van got a flat tire.  We have understood the importance of being flexible and not planning our days in Tanzania.  We ended up making it to Ahadi Lodge where we feel very spoiled and there is WIFI! Another turn of events included us moving down the road to a different hotel to stay for an evening, but we still had an evening full of rest. 


Hi everyone what an awesome day it has been.  The team did an awesome job and many patients were served.  It is unbelievable the type of patients that we see.  They have to live with so many injuries just because they do not have any money.  Can you imagine having a fractured hip from an accident and you just lived with it because you do not have money to go to the doctor.  This man walked with some walking sticks to help himself ambulate.  We provided him with money so he would have transportation to get to Arusha to see us at the clinic on Monday.  He told me we were angels sent by God.  This continues to humble me and just tears at my heart.  These are the many patients and the stories that we hear over and over.  God bless these beautiful brother and sisters of our.  Please keep praying for the team.

God bless,


Sunday: We woke up to the sound of worship going on outside early in the morning. After eating breakfast at Ahadi we got in our cars and went to a church where mostly missionaries go. There was a lovely worship service and sermon followed by communion since it was Pentecost Sunday. Returning back to Ahadi we changed and went out to the market to buy groceries for the hospice patients we would be meeting throughout the week. The market was a great experience. It was different because it looked kind of like a huge farmers market. It was also really interesting to see what kinds of foods they were selling.