Flooding in Africa

Sorry I did not get to post yesterday but was a truly eventful day.  I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Fiona and her daughters and able to give them lots of hugs and kisses.  Missed these guys a lot.  I then made many phone calls to check on activities for the team.  Then I had the pleasure of spending some time with Julius's little son, Jordan, who is 3 years old.  We went out for pizza, yes we can even get pizza in Africa and then had fun playing.

When I returned to Ahadi Lodge the rains began and did not quit.  It usually does not rain this time of year here.  The rain was very hard and lasted for a very long time.  Then the neighbors knocked on the door and said they were having flooding problems in their homes.  The guard made sure all the flood gates were open and kept checking them as the rain continued.  Then the water levels started to get rise and the courtyard filled with water.  Then the guards and staff were running around because some the rooms were being flooded.  There was a family of 3 children that were in one of the rooms that flooded.  Their items were floating and the water level reached up to there beds.  We advised them not to open the door and we worked to get the water down.  We found out that a piece of wood had blocked one of the flood gates.  The water was about 2 feet deep in their room.  Luckily my room remained dry.  

All the visitors and staff worked all together until late in the evening but we got the water to go down and got the guests moved to dry rooms.  Pretty excited here for a while. Now is the aftermath of having to clean everything up.  Instead of snow we got the rain.  Thank God there was no injuries and everyone was safe.  The  staff at Ahadi Lodge kept thanking us for helping and could not believe how all of us pitched in and helped.  So the evening was a little short with not a lot of sleep.

I have met a very nice couple and their beautiful daughter that are from the states and are doing mission work in Moshi.   We had a nice visit and shared connections that we have here in Africa.  So out of the tragedy of the flood I met some great missionary people.  Please pray for the people here whose homes were flooded.  So very sad!  Thanks for the continued prayers and sending a lot of hugs to you all.