God is Amazing

It is absolutely amazing how God connects people for a reason.  I meet a young man that is going to college in the US and he is from Tanzania. We had coffee and he told me about his family who live in a village about 8 hours where we will be doing medical work.  His Dad is unable to walk and his mom is having severe back problems.  So he has given his brothers phone numbers and I just talked to them and he will be bringing his parents to see us at a clinic.  With no money and no access to health care, these people here just accept their physical problems and resign themselves that this is the way they will be the rest of their lives.  They endure so much pain and physical limitations and for many if they could only get to a doctor they could get help.  It saddens my heart to hear their stories.  

Just talked to Mama Lynn and she has some children coming to the children's home and then we will bring to clinic with us and then assess if they need surgery or what treatments that we advise.  

The rains have continued by not as hard and long as the the day before when we had the flood.  Things are gradually drying up and the poor staff have been working themselves to the bone to get all the mud and mess cleared in some of the rooms, laundry and storage room.  These people work so hard over here.  With all the technology and gadgets we have in the US, it saves us a lot of time and labor.  So many things are done by hand, like our ancestors had to do things.  Yet they are such happy and appreciative people.  

I hope everyone is well at home.  Sending a lot of hugs and kisses.  I hear it is very cold there…stay warm.  It is in the 80's and 90's here and been raining but seeing some sunshine today.  That always help list the spirits.
Love you,