I have arrived safely in Africa

I have arrived safely to my home of Africa.  It was a long flight and it was snowing in Amsterdam when we landed so we had a little delay but God got me here safely.   As I arrived at the Kili airport and stepped off the plane I was so excited to see my family here in Africa.  Freeman my driver met me with a big hug and smile and was so good to see him.  Then we drove for an hour to Ahadi Lodge and I was greeted by all the staff with so many smiles and hugs.  These people here are so loving and caring and you can't help but feel comfortable and safe.

I then when to my Assistants Julius's church to worship today.  They picked me up at 0630, so up at 5 am.  No rest here!  But it was wonderful.  I feel so close to God when I am here and these people humble me with their love and commitment to God and yet have so little.  During the services there was the cutest little children sitting to the side and they had they stand and we prayed for them.  I later found out they do not have any parents and are orphans.  So of course my love for children drew me to the van that was transporting them.  I visited with the wonderful young man that is taking care of these children at a home.  There is 13 of them and all so sweet.  I am going to visit his place and maybe God has some plans on how we can maybe help them.  They were asking for help for caring for the children at the church service and my heart was drawn to the beautiful and innocent faces of these children.  God's special little angels.  

I also was able to speak to the people at the church service in swahili and they really appreciate me doing that.  I was told I did very good, but I was nervous if I would say everything right.  

Then I spent the rest of the day making phone calls to check on things the team will be doing.  What a beautiful day in TZ.  Oh and it was hot here too!  

Thanks for the prayers.  I so appreciate them because I draw strength from them.