First day for the June Team

Bwana Asefiwe (Praise The Lord)!  What an awesome day we have had. We got up and the team had breakfast and then we were busy preparing for the carnival for all the kids at the children's home in Light in Africa.  Julius and Freeman helped with with it.  Katie set up a station in which she gave the kids tatoos and oh were they excited and ran up to show me.  Then Julius had a station in which we had ducks in a big tub and they picked out a duck and then when they looked at the number they got a certain prize.  Then Freeman ran a station of the ring toss.  I am not sure who enjoyed it more the kids or Freeman.  They throw a ring on head of a blown up aligator.  It was a riot to see how happy and excited the children got.  Then Amanda was busy with the children as they colored their animal masks and then she patiently tied on strings so they could wear them.  Then Jaclyn was busy having fun outside with the kids doing the water balloon toss.  I wish you could have seen their faces and the excitement the kids had.  It is just the simple things in life here that they so appreciate.  Freeman and Julius asked me what is a carnival?  When it started they were having as much fun as the kids.  Of course all the team had kids hanging all over them.  Mama Lynn and her staff are doing a fantastic job here caring for these children.

I was excited to be greeted by Living, who is a young boy that Dr. Mark Wheeler did surgery on in January.  He had two crooked legs and would not have stood a chance at life but now has two straight legs.  I brought him from the children's home in Mererani, because he has two large open sores on his sternum that were not there in January.  We sent him to the doctor to do a culture and waiting to get the results and he is on antiobiotics.  He has a become a special friend of mine and I brought his some gifts.  He came right away this morning to see him and we did his dressing change.  I love that little guy and Pastor said he was waiting for me to return.  Please pray for him.  

Then Jaclyn was able to bring a walker with wheels with her that was dontated.  The  poor young lady who needed it had a broken walker and had to be repaired, but I think it was beyond repair.  When we showed her how to use it she had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.  Then we went over to see all the kids in the children's homes we saw this beautiful child enjoying being able to get around.  All the children were showing her how to use it and giving her rides.  God bless the people who donated it.

As we toured the children's home we measured all the mattresses and windows and thanks to Diane and Dennis Smith for the donation to get these things.  You cannot believe some of the mattresses the children are sleeping on.  God bless you guys!  We are shopping to get mattresses with covers so they will last a long time.  This is going to be just awesome for all the kids.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

When we went to the home of the special needs children and the team and my driver heard their sad stories of abandonment by their families because they were handicapped brought tears to your eyes.  It really hit Freeman our driver.  He said oh Mama Gayle I cannot believe that families abandoned these beautiful children.  He has 3 young girls and he was saddened by what he saw but could not believe how those mamas were loving and caring for the children.  He said no one should complain if they get a girl or boy but be thankful for having a healthy children.  His heart was broken to see these children.

We then took a drive to Moshi to see AFrica in the daylight.  We exchanged money and stopped at some local shops.  We then went out for supper at an Indian Restaurant.  The food was excellent and all the team really enjoyed it.  So now we are getting home late and the team is having jet lag and very tired.  They have not adjusted to the time change yet.  So I told them I would do the blog tonight.

Thank you God for the wonderful team you have sent and they have such loving and caring hearts.  We were really blessed by a wonderful day.  

Sending a lot of love to all my family and friends, especially to Chad, Kari and kids.  My prayers are with you and love you all so much. 

Please keep holding the team in your prayers.  Each day is an adventure.

God bless,

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