Day 14

Hello friends and family!

It is Karlie again and we have just completed day 14 of our trip! (At least I think day 14, it is easy to lose track of the days here.) We started out the morning with breakfast as a team and then walked over to Huruma hospital. It is nice to be able to walk outside and enjoy the weather. There are many people still out and walking even at night, but I have no idea how they see anything because it is so dark here at night!

When we got to the hospital, all of the staff and many nursing students were gathered for morning prayers. It was cool to see a hospital staff with this tradition. They had our group stand up and introduce ourselves. I'm sure you heard about our initial welcome yesterday with all the dancing and singing, and today we felt equally as welcome. Everyone at the hospital goes out of their way to smile or explain what is happening when we don't understand. Another way they express their friendship is through touch, so I don't think I walked all day without holding someone's hand. It is safe to say we feel extremely welcomed and I hope we can learn from this hospitality and apply it to when we are back at home. 

The eight of us nursing students divided into groups of two to go to different sections of the hospital and Hannah met with someone from social services. Today Melinda and I were in the pediatric unit. We started off the morning in a clinic for mothers and children where we learned more about health assessment for pregnant women and about the different vaccines that babies receive here. It was very interesting.

At 10:30 our group had to break from clinical for tea time. The school set aside this special time for us to sit and relax and have tea and snacks. (The peanut butter here is to die for! Also, it is definitely safe to say that we are getting plenty to eat here in Tanzania because hospitality is often shown with food.) After tea time we headed back to our clinical locations. This time Mel and I went to the actual pediatric ward where we got to follow the doctor and learn about the diagnosis and his treatments. The nursing students were very helpful and excited to answer our questions. We learned a lot today and also found out how much we have yet to learn! It was interesting to see how their forms of treatment, such as traction on a broken bone, was different from our health system at home.

I know that some students were in the labor and delivery ward and got to see many deliveries today. We are all excited to make our way to that department in the next few days. One of the nursing students here made an observation after seeing us hold the children and watch deliveries that Americans must really love babies! Haha.

After lunch at the school we came back to the hostel to change and then headed out right away to a volcanic lake. We took one safari vehicle but by now have learned how to fit the maximum amount of people in a small space. A van completely full of Huruma nursing students also came along, so it was fun to hike down to the lake with them and get to know them better. The lake was beautiful and it was fun to be able to explore and enjoy God's beautiful creation.

As usual, there are many laughs and good conversations with our group throughout the day. We are excited for the next two days of clinical to learn more about nursing and how healthcare here is effected by Tanzanian culture.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our friends and family back home! Even after two weeks here it is still crazy to think that we are halfway around the world. But God is with us and He is good all the time. We are thankful for you and look forward to when we can see you again soon. Miss and love you all very much!

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