Day 13

Back in Arusha. Have electricity and internet.  Sending postings. 4:37 PM TZ Time

Hello everyone!This is Melinda again! It is Sunday the 25th! We have about one week left in Africa.

Today we departed from Tudor Village and the Light in Africa Orphanage in Moshi. It was hard to say goodbye to the children we came to love. We at our last breakfast there and then led a little church service at 11:30 in one of the buildings on site with the children. Hannah started the service out with a small prayer. We all acted out the Noah Bible story we have now read three different times. The children I think enjoyed the Bible story because they were laughing and smiling. We then sang two songs, Hosanna and Father Abraham. Father Abraham was a hit. They loved singing and doing the actions to the songs. Their smiles melted our hearts. At the end, the children sang a couple goodbye songs to us and then they left to go back into their homes. There were a couple of tears as they left us. We really did come to know and love the children at Light in Africa.

We had a huge lunch and then waited for Gayle's drivers who were supposed to show at 2:00. They arrived a little before two and Gayle was so excited because they arrived on "Gayle's" time not "Tanzania" time. Haha.

While we were having lunch, for some reason the group started to crave chocolate. Ally mentioned she was hungry for some brownie mix, at which Diane got out her purse and surprised us with some snicker bars! She said she was waiting for an opportune time to give us them and she said she had found the right time! Best snicker bar I've ever had.  

After the team got their luggage packed in the vans, it was about a two hour drive to our new home away from home for the next couple of days. We arrived at the Lutheran Hostel at about 5:30. We visited the school of nursing where we will be visiting and working with for the next three days. The nuns and nursing students greeted us with lots of songs and dancing. We have our work cut out trying to dance as well as these nursing students here can dance. They were so sweet, they not only welcomed us with energy and love but they served us a little supper too. Some popcorn, nuts, fruit, and even cake!

We are back at the place we will be sleeping now, the Lutheran Hostel. We are excited to go into the hospitals and clinical rotations tomorrow. We have been told all of us should be able to see a birth and that has us really really really excited!!

Once again, if you all haven't heard this already, we miss you all and are so thankful for the love and prayers from back home. We will see you in about a week to tell you about all of this in person! We can't wait 🙂 Goodnight!


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