And even in the rain, we learn how to dance.

Today, Allyson and I had the opportunity to hang out with the kiddos at Fonelisco Orphanage. After purchasing the kids food from the local market, we sat down with kids, ranging from 3 to 14, and taught them basic English words. After classroom time, it was dance time. We all boogied down to some rocking music while they beat music to their own drums. These kids completely humbled us today as they showed us what it means to truly dance even in the rain – despite all the pains they’ve endured amidst their short life, they still make the choice to dance. And so, today, we too, learned how to dance.


Here is a video of the children at the orphanage thanking Hope Ministries for the food. We were going to do a painting project at the orphanage but they needed food desperately so the Hope team went and bought them food.  They were so excited. Thanks to all the donors who helped put smiles on some very precious children.  Here is the video:


Actual Radio Broadcast in Mwanza – “Bring your Children to Orthopaedic Clinic at Bugando Medical Center.” The message was broadcast because of our two surgeons attending the clinic today. Is it any wonder that the clinic was standing room only? Hope Ministries surgeons and nursing staff worked side by side with the Tanzanian doctors, who are very knowledgeable and competent in treating their patient diseases (pediatric and spine). There was considerable consultation and teaching (both ways) on different ways to approach and treat the afflictions. The majority of children present with leg deformities; adults are plagued with spine issues. Too many cases are initially presented at late stages of the diseases and malformations. Therefore, treatment now requires surgery. Unfortunately, if the parents had sufficient funding to get medical attention early, the ailments could have been treated with antibiotics and/or nutrition with better results. In particular, there is a concern for the female children due to their desired defect free marketability for future marriage (income).


Thie is a lady from the US that posted on facebook about a small boy that was at her orphanage and what having a lot of problems with his bones.  Gayle then contacted her and offered that they could bring the child to the hospital so our pediatric Ortho doctor to see.  Amazing how God orchestrates things.  This young male patient came from Neema Orphanage located in a remote town of Geita (a very poor area) to the clinic. The boy has sickle cell anemia complicated by bone infection. He lives about 3 hours away and requires repeated follow up care. It was a God incident that the very physician who saw him in clinic travels to Geita every Saturday. The day resulted in a long list of scheduled surgeries for this week (both pediatric legs and adult spine). The positive part of the day was the beautiful and innocent smiles of so many children.